Building the Dream – Tacoma

Building anything takes money and time. This learning center is no exception. To help facilitate growth, we are here outlining our plans for this enterprise.

  • Build online presence.
    • Facebook
    • Website
    • Twitch
    • Pinterest
    • Etsy
  • Twitch classes – We will stream live classes and entertainment. This will build our reputation and some funds.
    • Purchase computer capable of live streaming.
    • Prepare space for sewing & gaming streams.
    • Begin streaming for several hours on days off.
  • Merchandise
    • Many of the things created during Twitch classes will be available for purchase both online and at Christmas City Gallery in Madrid, NM.
    • Begin creating thing for sale
    • Add items to Etsy store
  • Living History
    • In schools
  • Community Gardening – We will use people’s yards to grow produce. This produce will be used by property owners and gardeners. Excess will be sold for fundraising.
    • Find people to host gardens.
    • Find people to garden.
    • Build app to help coordinate ongoing gardening work as project grows.
  • Space
    • Our first public location will probably be in a small space provided by Spaceworks Tacoma.
    • We plan to grow to a full storefront through the same program that will host classes and fundraising events.
    • We may try to work with Metro Parks Tacoma to have outdoor class space or help to setup our permanent space.
    • Ultimately we plan to purchase approximately 100 or more acres of land on which to build our learning center.
  • Classes
  • Sustainable Architecture
    • Passive Solar
    • Strawbale & Cob
    • Energy Star
    • Up & Coming technologies
    • Solar
    • Wind
    • Greywater
  • Sustainable & Co-operative living styles
    • Pod Hotel
    • Tiny Homes
    • Multi family Co-Housing
  • Community Support
    • Job Hunting
    • Job Training
    • Day Care
    • Income Assistance
    • Healthcare Assistance
  • NonProfit status

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