Tacoma, WA

         In Tacoma our goal is to function as a community center, nature preserve, and even a local farm as well as an education center. The center would be open year-round, have a core group that lives and works on-site, as well as guest instructors. There would also be a campsite for the public, including cabins designed for the future, while learning from the past. This intentional community will work towards making our location self-sustaining, and an asset to the larger community. Classes will be offered at various times and in various disciplines, largely driven by the interests of the community and teachers. All classes will be conducted in such a way as to embrace people’s natural love of learning and engage their curiosity. We will encourage the discovery of information rather than memorization. In the 21st century, information is everywhere, if only we know how to find it, and how to sort the real from the fake.