Results of Our First Class

At the beginning of August we hosted our first official class. The Tacoma Public Libraries have meeting rooms which are free to rent! We decided that for our first class, we would build medieval weapons out of office materials. We publicized to the best of our ability with no advertising budget. To no ones surprise, … Continue reading Results of Our First Class

A Historical Inspired Future of Fashion

Up until the fairly recently clothes were intended to be used for many years. As such sustainability was built into the design. If we look back to a time before fast fashion, we can learn a lot that will help us make our future brighter. Let's start way back. Hunter-Gatherer societies know the value of … Continue reading A Historical Inspired Future of Fashion


I often feel at a loss of how to describe what I do. Children of Curiosity is so multi-faceted that it is hard to find the 'elevator pitch' phrase to get people's attention. "I make things to sell to make money for a pay what you can school." is usually what I say, but that … Continue reading Goals

Education is an Opportunity for All

Education has been called 'the Great Equalizer'. But for many people access to it has been restricted. Even when education is free, like public schools, situations at home can and do create a barrier to success. This is why addressing the whole person is so important. We have also become accustomed to the idea that … Continue reading Education is an Opportunity for All