Phase 1: Establish an online presence. Build website, Facebook, Etsy, Patreon, Twitter, Twitch, Pinterest, YouTube accounts.

Phase 2: Start online classes. Make business cards, promote IRL.

        Attend conventions to promote costumes and sewing classes.

        Find teachers for other topics.

Phase 3: Find a location and Start in- person classes.

Phase 4: Register as non-profit in the state of Washington.

Phase 5: Start urban farming initiative. Find people to loan homes and time. Teach agriculture, build app to coordinate watering by location for maximum efficiency.

Phase 6: Start Living History program in schools.

Phase 7: Crowdfunding for land purchase.

Phase 8: Build central classroom space.

Phase 9: Develop trails.

Phase 10: Build campsite.

Phase 11: Build communal kitchen.

Phase 12: Build rental cabins.

       Passive solar

       Traditional + renewable

Phase 13: Build permanent resident homes.